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Frequently Asked Questions About Pole Buildings and Post Frame Construction


Q: Is post-frame construction cheaper?
A: Compared to other building methods, post-frame is often the faster, more efficient alternative. However, less expensive doesn’t mean cheaper quality.

Q: Are your buildings custom designed?
A: Yes. Almost any amount of design customization can be accommodated. We suggest you work closely with your Miner Pole Buildings sales professional to ensure that all questions are answered and addressed at the time of the building’s design plans.

Q: What type of structure do I need, agricultural or exempt or county permitted?
A: It depends on 3 different factors: what the intended use of your structure, and what county do you live in.  In Oregon every county allows agricultural structures but in Washington some counties allow them and some do not.  Check with your local county and they will inform you on which type you will need.  If your county allows agricultural structures you will need to meet their criteria for the use of the structure which is most commonly but not limited to:  Horse structures,  Hay storage, Machine storage, Crop storage

Q:  Are there any differences between the two different types of structures?
A:  Yes.  An agricultural exempt structure is exempt from the permitted process and does not need to be inspected or have engineered plans submitted to the county.  The county allows these structures to save farmers and ranchers time on the installation and money for engineered drawings.  A county permitted structure requires site specific engineered drawings and regular inspections throughout the building process.

Q:  What width can I span?
A:  We can span up to 80 feet with wood trusses.  After 80 feet we use steel trusses with which we can obtain a span of up to 100 feet.

Q: How long will it take for my building to be constructed after I sign the contract?
A: This differs by time of year, building type, current schedule. Typically, though, it is about 4-5 weeks from the time your contract is signed until the construction of your building is complete.

Q: Where is Miner Pole Buildings located?
A: Miner Pole Buildings is located in Hubbard, Oregon.

Q: Where can I buy and build a Miner Pole Building?
A: We currently sell and install pole building models in the states of Oregon and Washington.
Q: Are Miner Pole Buildings more expensive than the competition?
A: At times Miner Pole Buildings may be more expensive than other post frame companies, but at other times they may be less. Miner Pole Buildings  prides itself on being a competitively priced post frame solution to all building needs. After 30 years of experience, Miner Pole Buildings has established itself with customers and with supplies as a quality cost competitive post frame construction business.
Q: What is a standing seam roof?
A: Standing seam is a type of metal roof system that is stylized by the regularly spaced raised seams or ribs. These ribs give the roof a clean, stylistic look.

Q: Is there a standard roof pitch that comes with Miner Pole Buildings?
A: The standard roof pitch   is a 3/12 pitch, but Miner Pole Buildings building can be built with an array of different pitch styles. Talk to your sales consultant about the pitch that will fit your needs the best.

Q: What is the spacing of girts and purlins?
A: The spacings will may vary, depending upon bay spacing, wind and snow loads.  Typically though they will be 24 inches on center

Q: How far apart are your posts?
A: As a general rule they 12 feet on center. This can vary depending upon loading requirements and door locations.

Q: What can a pole building be used for?
A: Any low-rise structure. This would include most structures with up to a 40-foot high sidewall. Residentially, they can be homes, carports, garages, storage for recreational vehicles or boats, workshops, home businesses or storage. Commercially, they are often shops, airplane hangars, offices, self-storage buildings, stores, retail buildings, churches, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, even strip malls! On the farm their uses include machinery storage and shops, animal barns, riding arenas and stall barns, loafing sheds, bulk storage, processing, hay storage or as simple as just a roof to keep large valuable items or animals out of the weather.

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