Done to the customer’s specifications


Small structures on roofs of building used for aesthetics and/or ventilation. They can either be louvered for airflow or they can have windows for added light in the structure. They can be made either out of wood for a desired look, or out of vinyl for lower maintenance.



Custom Doors



Done to the customer’s specifications


Gale Shield




Vinyl backed 1 ½ insulation blanket. Most commonly used in the roof and walls when a customer wants to insulate and heat their building, but also is used when a superior moisture barrier is needed. It can also be upgraded with a reinforced backing that will help prevent tears in heavy use areas.

Interior Dividing Wall



Usually 18” mainly used for blending the appearance of a post framed building to that of a surrounding structure or house. Overhangs also make structures more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Built with 2x6 select tongue & groove fronts with 2x8 decking in the interior walls. Come standard with 1 sliding door and welded powder coated steel stall fronts

*stalls can be powder coated to any color








Polycarbonate panels (skylights)

Polycarbonate panels used in place of metal used to allow natural light to enter the building. Many competitors use low-quality fiberglass panels that will deteriorate with time. Polycarbonate (a type of translucent plastic) is proven to last longer and can withstand the weather better.



Sliding Doors

There are many options for sliding doors.







Metal Siding Colors


Tack room

Built with the same wood as stalls and comes with a ceiling and a walkthrough door.




Vinyl or wood windows of any size may be installed anywhere a customer desires in the structure.



Vapor Barrier

Standard in the roofs of all enclosed structures to act as a moisture barrier against condensation forming on the underside of the metal. Our standard product that is designed for open-air use (exposed from the underneath) is Durascrim. We also offer OSB, Felt & Plywood, and DripStop.

Overhead Doors

Garage type doors that open vertically on springs or with electric openers. They can be raised panel or flat, be solid doors or have window inserts to allow light, and be commercial grade or insulated. Once again, they can be customized to fit a customer's needs.


Walkthrough Doors

Personal entry doors for the building, most commonly are foamed filled aluminum, but they can be any type that a customer may want. From our base model up to custom ordered wood doors. Any type may be installed in our structures.










There are many siding options to choose from.